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American Overhead Conveyors origins trace back to 1955, when Mayfran, Inc. and American Monorail combined their overhead systems creating one of the worlds leading overhead conveyor companies. Since that time both companies merged under the American Overhead name. Most recently AOC was purchased by Roll-A-Way Conveyors in 1998 and relocated from Greenwood Minnesota to Gurnee Illinois where all aspects of production now take place.

With the addition of AOC, Roll-A-Way has one of the most complete lines in the conveyor industry. AOC and Roll-A-Way Conveyor take advantage of shared technology and CAD CAM design.

AOC shares 140,000 sq. feet of factory space with Roll-A-Way and Payson Casters.

AOC's goal is to satisfy your needs in the material handling market.

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Definition of an Overhead Conveyor...

An overhead conveyor consists of a single track containing carrier trolleys connected by an endless chain or cable arrangement. It is unique from a crane system in that it can be “Snaked” through a plant and thereby covers many segments and various elevations of a given facility.

 Overhead conveyors should be used whenever a continuous flow of product is required over a predetermined path. Typical overhead conveyor applications consist of product flowing through finishing operations such as a paint booth, dip tank, plating operation, and/or assembly line. Overhead conveyors are used to transport raw materials through numerous production stages and also as a convenient method of storing and retrieving inventory.

 One major advantage to an overhead conveyor system is the fact that it transports loads overhead and thereby saves valuable floor space. Generally, conveyor systems are inexpensive compared to alternative methods of lightweight, continuous flow, material handling methods. When properly applied, overhead-conveying systems will reduce labor, increase production, and maximize plant space usage, resulting in a short-term payback for the owner.

 American produces two unique types of overhead conveyor systems, Cableway overhead conveyor and Chainless overhead conveyor. This website will address American Overhead Conveyor’s (AOC’s) Cableway Conveyor.

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