Chainless Trolley Attachments

Trolley attachments can be designed and furnished to handle most loads which vary in size and in configuration. The illustrated load bar can be used for various applications such as: Carrying one load between two trolleys where load exceeds the capacity of one trolley; loads on close centers and carrying loads which may vary in size from center to center.


Chainless Track Safety Stops
A runaway stop should be added to a system which includes a down-grade or upgrade incline having an elevation of 6 feet or more and/or accumulated loads of 100 pounds or more. Generally it is a good safety policy to add one stop for every 8 feet of inclined track. For example, use three stops for an incline of 32 feet.
Downgrade runaway safety stops should be added for both inclines and declines when the Chainless Conveyor can be reversed. Limit switches must be added to each down-grade stop and electrically wired into the drive circuit. Upgrade safety stops are not reversible.

As the trolleys travel up the incline, past the safety stop assembly, the stop arm is raised by the trolley wheels. As the wheels clear the stop arm, the stop arm drops behind the trolley. To reverse the conveyor, the stop arm must be manually raised to allow the trolley wheels to clear.

Excessive trolley speed actuates the downgrade assembly. As the trolleys travel down the incline, the trolley wheels rub against the trip arm mounted on the stop assembly. The trip arm is set so that any increase over normal speed will trigger the trip arm into releasing the safety stop arm in from of the trolley body. The latch is also spring loaded to prevent unnecessary tripping from unusual vibrations. The latch spring( Part No. H-870-1) can be field adjusted and should not be over tightened. Over tightening would defeat the purpose of the stop assembly.

The downgrade safety stop can be field adjusted to any specific conveyor speed.

For variable speed conveyors, the safety stop should be set for maximum conveyor speed. (See service & parts manual for safety stop adjustment instructions)

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