Chainless Calculation and Design

In order to determine pricing the following steps must be taken

1. Plan View 
Make a line drawing showing the desired layout of the conveyor.

2. Load clearances
Selection of the correct trolley pitch and the curve radii and angles can be determined from the load clearance charts on pages 23-24. The charts show minimum load clearances for loads negotiating horizontal and vertical curves.

3. Lineal Track Length at Curves
Horizontal curve track length can be determined from charts on page 23. Vertical inclines and declines may include sections of straight track between the arc of the curves at the upper and lower elevation. See formula on for Vertical curves on page 24
To determine the total lineal overall track length, the total lineal length of all the horizontal and vertical curves should be summarized by listing the overall length of each individual curve. 

4. Line Pull
Line Pull calculation must be completed in order to determine horse power & number of drives.

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