Questions that need to be answered 
for your Cableway system

Does your system stop and start or does it run continuously?

How long does your system run in an average day?

Is your system loaded when it starts?

Drive Selection

1.   If line pull does not exceed 750 lbs., one drive will be required. If it exceeds 750 lbs., two or more will be required.  
Total line pull in pounds 750 lbs =Number Drives Required*
*Should this result in a fraction of a drive, always use the next higher number of drives
2.   To arrive at total HP required, use this formula  
Total line pull X Speed in F.P.M 16,000= Total HP
Total H.P.  Number Drives Required= Average H.P. Per Drive
Note: Standard drives are furnished with 1 H.P. motors. Consult factory on application requiring motors larger then 1 H.P.  
Part #   Sprocket P.D. Arc of Turn A   B   C  
9D15212 15-1/4 90  16-1/2 36-3/4  
9D22912 22-15/16 90 26-15/16  55  
9D30512   30-9/16 90  32-1/2 65-1/2  
18D15212 15-1/4 180 20 48-3/4
18D22912 22-15/16 180  30 73  
18D30512 30-9/16 180  36  89-1/2  

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Questions that need to be answered for your Cableway System

Drive Selection

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