Track & Fittings

Standard track sections are furnished in lengths of 20’-0”. With hanger points on 6’ – 8” centers. Non Standard track (Lengths less then 20’-0”) are furnished as required, with support points as requires, with support points as applicable at no additional charge.  
Rail sections are very simple to splice, using the combination BG40047 hanger/splice bracket.  
The EG-100 Track adjuster  
The EG-100 Track Adjuster is utilized to adjust tension of the continuous cable. Two track adjusters are required on each system. They are always used in pairs and preferably located next to idle corners on the slack or “downstream” side of the drive. Track adjusters are located opposite each other on both sides of a 180º leg of the system  
BG4003 Upgrade Safety Device
The Upgrade safety device prevents loads from slipping down in the event of power or system failure. The upgrade safety device is suggested for all vertical curves with an elevation change greater then 6’-0”. It should be noted that the system must travel in one direction only unless the safety device is manually flipped 180º.

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