Sample Line Pull Calculation: 

I. Data Required

A. Unit weight of live load 50 lbs.
B. Unit weight of attachment 5 lbs.
C. Total live load 55 lbs.
D. Maximum number of total loads on system 300
E. Dead load ( Cable, trolley, etc) 4lbs. per foot
F. Total system length 300ft
G. Total elevation change 10ft
H. Coefficient of friction .03
I. Load per foot (Item II.3 blow F) 59 lbs. / FT
II. Line Pull Calculation (Monoplane)  
1. Total live load x number of loads 16500 lbs.

(C x D)

2. Dead load x system length 1200 lbs.

(E x F)

3. Total load on system 17,700 lbs.

(Add line 1&2 above)

4. Multiply line 3 above x .03


5.  Line pull for monoplane 531 lbs.
III. Line Pull for Inclines/Declines (Multiplane Only)  
1. Add for inclines load per foot x elevation change


590 lbs.

("I" x "G")

*2. Deduct for declines Load per foot x elevation change 1.3 453 lbs.
3. Subtract deduct for decline from add for incline 136 lbs.
IV. Total Line Pull  
Add paragraph II item #5 and paragraph III item #3 667 lbs.

* If system is to be unloaded at declines, omit step III.

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