Chainless Track and Fittings

All standard straight rails are prefabricated with track mounting holes on 20 centers. The rail is shipped dismantled in 20 lengths. The matching mounting holes in the track plate tabs, and in the rail, assures flush butt rail joints. Standard track plate spacing is on 40 or 60 centers. All curves are furnished as a completely fabricated assembly. After the rail is formed to the correct radius, the rail and track plates are assembled in a fixture and welded together.

- All rails, hangers, drives, trolley bodies, and curves are painted a standard Green.
- The Chainless straight rails are fabricated of 1 1/2 X 1 1/2 angle iron. 

To assure proper gauging and alignment, all track curve assemblies are prefabricated at the factory. See Standard Curve Chart on Page 23 for selection of curves based on radius, angle, and arc.

(30 - 45 - 90)
Standard hanger clips can be furnished in three basic designs. 
The 30 hanger clip is part number LGB-879. 
The 45 hanger clip is part number LGB-880. 
The 90 hanger clip is part number LGB-877. 

Two 3/8 X 1 mounting bolts are included with each hanger clip.

The 1000lbs. capacity ceiling cleat is slotted for angular adjustment of hanger rod. Each cleat is furnished with two lag screws. 3/8 X 2.

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