Trolley Attachments

Numerous trolley attachments are available for various applications. Attachment selection should be based on careful study of the handling method with specific attention to loading and unloading.  

AG-25010 Eye Bolt

The AG-25010 eyebolt is perhaps the most popular and versatile trolley attachment. The AG-25010 is rated for 250lbs and is supplied with zinc plating. The eyebolt should be used in conjunction with the AG-2506 pendulum yoke or the number AG-803 pendant.  

AG-2506 Pendulum Yoke  

The AG-2506 pendulum yoke can be mounted as a rigid or pendulum-type attachment, when trolley clip bolts are attached in holes “A” & “C”, the yoke is rigid. When a clip bolt is inserted in hole “A” only, it facilitates a “pendulum action” This pendulum movement is particularly useful in systems with elevation changes where it is desirable for load to remain perpendicular to the floor.  

Clevis Bar  
The AG101 Clevis Bar, When used in conjunction with the standard short side plate trolley, forms a configuration completely interchangeable with the old style long side plate trolley.  
This attachment should be used when the AG806, AG8012, or AG80-3 attachments are utilized.  
AG806  AG803

It will be noted that the AG806 and AG803 attachments are made with protruding ears or flanges at the top, along with two mounting holes. When the attachments are assembled with the Clevis bolt inserted in the top hole, the ears provide a rigid connection by being in contact with the trolley clevis bars.. When Assembled in the bottom hole, the ears are not in contact and therefore, permit the attachment to pivot on the clevis bolt (for use on systems that have vertical bends and dips) thereby conveying the work or work carriers on a plane parallel to the floor at inclines or declines.  

Revolving Carrier
The AG8015 revolving carrier is primarily used in spray booth and power wash applications. Because it is constructed of stainless steel, the carrier is not affected by chemical cleaning or high temperatures. When used in conjunction with the AG80151 carrier rack, positive rotation is assured. This unit rotates one revolution for every 8-3/8” of linear travel.  
Carrier Rack
The AG80151 gear rack comes in lengths of 6’-0”. Racking can be installed to swing away for applications where load rotation is not desired.  
Because of numerous variables, mounting hardware is not furnished as a standard.  
AG8012 AG8012

Revolving Carrier  

The AG8012 revolving carrier is very similar to the AG8015 carrier, with the exception of the method of rotation. Carrier can be rotated manually or by a flat friction bar mounted parallel to cableway track. Carrier rotates one revolution for every 6” of linear travel (assuming positive traction on friction bar).

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